5 Healthy Relationship "Myths" Keeping You Disconnected From Your Partner

from Michelle Chalfant, MS, LPC



5 Healthy Relationship “Myths” Keeping You Disconnected From Your Partner

from Michelle Chalfant, MS, LPC

 Get the love you want
and improve your connection with your partner by understanding the myths about healthy relationships. 


  The common relationship red flag that disguises itself as a green flag. 🚩🚩🚩

  Why you don't need to be with your soulmate to have your ideal relationship. 🤯

  The truth about fighting (the good, the bad, and the ugly) and what it means about your relationship. 💕


In this quick-to-read PDF, you’ll learn the 5 most common myths about healthy relationships and tips for how to improve yours.


Use this guide to get clear about what’s truly healthy and learn what you can start doing today to improve your connection and enjoy more love!


Created by Michelle Chalfant, MS, LPC

Author. Speaker. Psychology & Love Expert.


Michelle Chalfant is a psychotherapist and master life coach who has been changing lives around the globe since 2014 with her podcast The Adult Chair®. From helping listeners conquer anxiety, depression, and codependency to teaching them how to understand and transform themselves for greater peace, healthier relationships, and unshakeable self-love– Michelle has become a trustable, reliable force in the self-help space. Michelle has been published and featured in People Magazine, The NY Times, and Well+Good (to name a few). After conquering her own love addiction and love avoidance to build a healthy, happy marriage, she knows firsthand what it takes to turn a relationship around. And now, she’s put that knowledge into a simple guide that will help you make better choices in love and understand how to build a more fulfilling connection with your partner.

What My Clients Are Saying

"Everyone would benefit from this work."


“I learned how to set healthy boundaries. I have applied this method to so many aspects of my life— my professional career, my marriage, my friendships, and my relationship with myself, I can’t help but know that everyone would benefit from this work.”


- Liana J

 “Nothing was able to get to the core…till now!”.


“I read hundreds of self-help books, spent a fortune on programs, have been in coaching and therapy for 19 years.... but nothing was quite able to get to the core till now! Massive AHA's and Shifts – I'm shattered in the most wonderful way!” 


- Donna R

If you’ve been frustrated with your relationship, are craving more connection with your partner, or wonder if this love can go the distance… 

I made this for you.


You deserve a healthy, happy relationship that feels like coming home. Whether you’ve been together a few months or a few decades, you deserve the kind of love that lights you up and makes you feel truly seen and understood by your person. Take this first step towards building a deeper, more meaningful connection with your partner and learn these 5 myths today.

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