I'm ready to become my best self!

Living a happy, free and full life starts with having a healthy relationship with ourselves. But most of us don’t know who we really are, don’t truly love ourselves and often carry false beliefs about ourselves from our life experiences and wounding.


In this four-course bundle, you will discover your most authentic self and learn how to really love yourself — every part of you! 

Course 1: I Matter

What if you, at your core, felt like you mattered? Not just a little bit but A LOT. What if you, at your core, realized who you really were and it was time to embrace that and become THAT?! We can only do that if we feel like we matter!

So, in this course, we are embracing and owning the fact that YOU MATTER!

Course 2: I'm OK

When we experience fear, loss, grief or stress, most of us reach outside of ourselves for the fix. But these coping mechanisms always fall short because they don't actually make us ok.

In "I'm OK", you will learn how to change from the inside out so that you can transform your life and find balance no matter what your circumstances are! 

Course 3: I Am Enough

Everyone I know has struggled with feeling like they are not enough at some point in their lives. Maybe you never feel like you are enough. The world we live in can make us feel like we don’t measure up or like we’re too much...sometimes both in the same day!

But I’m here to tell you that you ARE enough, exactly as you are, in THIS moment. And this course, we’re going to work together on growing your love for yourself until you really, truly believe you are ENOUGH!

Course 4: I Can

What if you found out you only had two weeks left to live, what would you do differently?

Most of us live in an unconscious state. We stick to what’s comfortable, resist change and always find a convenient excuse for why we’re not doing what we really want to be doing. 

This course is all about shifting your internal beliefs, busting excuses and helping you say, “YES!” and “I CAN!” more often in life! When you do this, you initiate change in your life, your internal direction shifts and you begin to MOVE FORWARD. It’s so powerful!

  • Discover your relationship with yourself and learn how to treat yourself with more kindness, love and compassion, believing you truly are "ENOUGH" exactly as you are.
  • Overcome false beliefs, shift your energy and live in the power of knowing you "MATTER."
  • Learn how to self-soothe during challenging times and find peace within with “I’M OK.” 
  • And finally, tap into your inner power, overcome limiting beliefs and tackle whatever life throws at you with “I CAN.”

"I love the Adult Chair Model! I have tried so many different self-help models but none of them have been this easy to understand and apply. It is truly life-changing. I'm so thankful to have found Michelle and the Adult Chair!"

- Kelissa D

From transforming your self-image to changing how you show up in the world, this series of courses will empower you in ways you never imagined!


This is the foundation of the course, where I share tips, tools, and techniques for achieving your goals and getting you closer to living in a healthy, empowered life!


Meditation is the key to getting balanced and centered. The course guided meditations will help you connect with the self, become more aware, and open up to transformation.


With 90K + thoughts a day, the affirmations are a powerful tool to help keep a positive mindset! The power is indescribable – by saying and truly believing something, you make it happen!

Self-Discovery Work

This is where the real transformation begins. Your “self-development” work includes journaling prompts and experiential exercises that take you on a deep dive into self. 


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