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I'm OK

When we experience fear, loss, grief or stress, most of us reach outside of ourselves for the fix. We try to numb our negative emotions through busyness, alcohol, drugs, shopping, relationships  you name it!

But these coping mechanisms always fall short because they don't actually make us ok; they just make us feel better for a short time. What all of us really want is true peace from within and confidence that we will be ok no matter what life throws our way.
In "I'm OK", you will learn how to change from the inside out so that you can transform your life and find balance no matter what your circumstances are! 
You will discover powerful teaching and tools for:
  • Grounding
  • Self-soothing
  • Shifting out of fear
  • Changing your mood
  • Completely transforming the way you respond to stressors in your life
Most importantly, you will discover that the power to be "ok" lies within YOU and learn how to tap into it anytime, anywhere!
In this course, you get: 
  • A live recorded teaching

  • A guided meditation

  • Beautifully designed downloadable affirmation

  • Five weeks of self-guided coursework and journaling prompts

If you feel weighed down by fear, overstressed, stuck in victim or like you're a slave to life's challenges and your circumstances, I'm Ok will empower you to take back your life and find the freedom and peace that is yours for the taking!